Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bali - Indonesia to host Miss World 2014

Sheets of Denpasar Bali Indonesia has announced a private-famous tourist island of Indonesia, the world will host the Miss World 2014. 

A beautiful corner Bali beach. 
This information is the head of Bali's government - he Mangku Pastika confirmed. He said the beauty of Bali with a unique indigenous culture is key to Bali was chosen as the venue for the international cultural events, including the beauty contest. 
This will help promote tourism in Indonesia, a country with many islands in the world, in which the tourist island of Bali is world famous. 
The Governor said that the upgrading of infrastructure, including airport expansion and renovation of roads is to do right. Bali is also a venue to host the ASEAN summit this year and the Economic Cooperation Conference Asia Pacific in January 10/2013. 
Bali beach

Reigning Miss World 2010 Alexandria Mills. 
Thus, after a series of information on the Philippines declared a host Miss World 2013 is the next country Indonesia is Asia's announced decision to race home to win tickets to the pageant's largest planet . As host Miss World 2011 is a competition between the five countries are China, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Philippines and Trinidad & Tobago.Meanwhile, the information also speculation that Vietnam will host the Miss World 2012 
Miss Earth 2010 in NhaTrang Bay
Beach in Vietnam
Beach in Vietnam

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